What is Golden 1 Routing Number?

A golden 1 routing number refers to the branch code assigned to a credit union. This is actually a combination of the branch name, branch location, and the branch code.

About Golder 1 Credit Union

Golden 1 Credit Union offers one routing code for all of its branches and urges its clients to use this code for certain transactions such as wire transfers and direct deposit. Four of its branch locations have a separate routing code: Understanding the right Golden 1 routing code is important as this code is often used for services such as direct deposit, wire transfers and other money transactions that involve transferring and receiving of funds. In most cases, you can only have one number assigned to a branch location and you need to be aware of what it is for any specific transfer you might make or receive.

Generally, you will find that there are two types of Golden One routing numbers: one for branch-to-branch and one for branch-to-area. For example, a Golden One branch in Los Angeles has a Golden One branch code for its branch-to-branch service while its branch-to-area code is reserved exclusively for its branch-to-area service. While these routing codes are helpful for many types of transactions, they also mean that customers are charged an additional charge for routing them. They are usually based on the size of the transaction and will be billed by the date of the transaction, but they may also include a small charge per transaction for handling the routing process.

However, if you already know the branch codes for the various service branches, you can usually use the code to have your transactions approved without having to pay this charge. The way to do that is by entering the routing number into the system on a regular basis, for example once every two weeks or after each financial statement you send out. You can also check the routingnumberslist if you are looking for routing numbers.

For The First Timers

If you’re new to the Golden One system, check to see how much the routing number costs. It is usually a flat fee for each transaction or you can choose to pay for a monthly service charge depending on the amount of transactions you receive.

Routing numbers are generally not needed for online purchases such as checks and money orders. You’ll find that many online banks already provide the routing codes for these services for their customers so that they don’t have to worry about it. If you’re confused about what routing numbers are required for a particular transaction or if your account is low-income, you can ask your local bank for help.

Another thing to consider when checking the routing code for your account or checking routing number, it is the different online banks that have different service plans that have different payment methods and processing times. Some online banks will allow you to set up automatic transfers, others will allow you to set up automatic direct deposits and some will let you use a third party service. When comparing the different services that they offer, ask them about the different routing services so that you can select the one that will work best for your situation.

Most banks will offer their customers the option to get rid of the routing service once their account reaches certain limits. Make sure to check with your local bank before you opt to do so since you may want to continue to have this service as part of your service plan.

There are some accounts that require a different number than others. Some of them may require a certain number of credit card transactions each month or even more if you use multiple cards.

When Transfering funds

If you’re transferring funds from another account or debit card to your account, make sure you include the routing number on all transactions so that the company will know exactly how much the transfers cost. The more transactions they have to process, the higher the fees.


To get a better idea of how the Golden One system works, check out some of the customer testimonials that other clients have written about their experience with the system and you can also read the FAQs that help you understand all of the details. so that you can avoid making mistakes that could have a negative effect on your account.

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