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Paul 'Smeds'

Vocals & Guitar

Paul comes from a pedigree of Rock 'n' Roll. His father was in the original Dave Clark 5 band (he got called up into the army just before they signed their big deal) playing gigs around Tottenham and North London - click here for an early photo and here for wikipedia. Paul remembers "I grew up with music and football all around me with my dad and 3 brothers, but the music won out and ended up being my 'thing'. We always had a piano at home and there was a beaten up black guitar in the garage from dad's old gigging days, that fascinated me more than shin pads and a ball".

Paul did his grades on the piano at Enfield Grammar School and this was to be a solid foundation for his ever increasing fascination with music. During this time his father bought him his first acoustic guitar and he remembers "it just felt right", he still has that guitar to this day. He knew it wouldn't be long before he would work hard to replicate the riffs and style of his idol at the time, Paul Weller and The Jam.

While exploring the usual array of guitarists he was introduced to Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler - this would change everything. He bought his first electric guitar for £15 from a friend in Enfield and painted it red.

Knopfler presented a unique style that has remained within his aspirations since those first plays of Telegraph Road and particularly Sultans of Swing. Later this would open up to include Gary Moore - these two major players have had the biggest influence on his playing style despite listening to virtually anything that may help him develop as a musician.

Paul has been in a variety of bands over the years, as front man/singer, keyboard player, guitarist and combinations of them. He's played at a wide range of venues to a wide range of audiences. From local pubs to Earl's Court, working men's clubs to The Guildhall and everything in between, "the Spurs ground was a highlight, thought my dad would be proud of me..." Paul says.

As an accomplished vocalist and versatile guitarist Paul's aim is always entertainment first. His primary objective from the start is to get the audience 'on-side' and win them over by involving them and making them feel a part of the show.

Paul has two Gibson Les Pauls and three Fender Strats that he uses day to day including his favourite '60s re-issue Les Paul Gold Top with P90s. The three strats (often referred to as Franken-Strats by the band) are all made up from a hybrid of the best necks, parts and bodies he's found and used over the years. He wires his own electrics and pickups to give a simple to operate yet flexible range of sounds and prefers Seymour Duncan pickups.

For many years Paul has dispensed with an amp/stomp box set up and prefers to DI his amp modeling pedal, currently a Line 6 HD500. This gives him an almost infinite combination of tones ranging from a clean Fender or AC30 to a heavy Marshall or Boogie, plus any effect you can think of - all controllable with a foot pedal. There is little or no sound checking which simplifies set up time and operation. As a singer, having full control over the sound is paramount, the less gear to think about the better.

Paul also fronts local rock & pop band The Rivals.